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Accurate slurry bed level measurement

Creating the perfect conditions for the best slurry concentration

Bed level or height measurement controls the flocculent addition rate. It gives feedback regarding the effectiveness of the flocculent dosing process. Additionally, it can show the surface profile of the fluidized bed and give an early warning of solids carrying over in the clarified liquid overflow. Bed level is measured using submersible sonar technology.

Preferred instrumentation

  • Liquiline CM444, can be extended any time up to 8 measuring channels

  • Turbimax CUS71D submersible Ultrasonic level sensor with cleaning option

  • Turbimax CUS51D particle settling rate sensor

  • Orbipac CPF81D pH sensor with CYA 112 mounting assembly

  • Indumax CLS50D Conductivity sensor for sulfuric acid concentration measurement

  • Oxymax COS51D for oxygen concentration in biological separation tanks

Benefits of the measuring points

  • Robust level sensor design with integrated wiper or purge for easy cleaning

  • Transmitter with a multi- channel plug and play sensor concept reduces OPEX

  • Easy integration into the control system (Fieldbus and wireless options)

  • Digital Memosens sensor technology means no on-site calibration saving time and costs

  • Accurate slurry bed level measurement with Liquiline CM44x transmitter and ultrasonic level sensor. ©Endress+Hauser

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