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Reduce energy consumption

Energy management reduces costs

Successful management of utilities, or “W.A.G.E.S.” (water, air, gas, electricity, steam), is vital for efficient plant operation. If there is no electricity, there is no light on the premises and no compressed air can be made. If there is no natural gas, no steam can be raised – and no production can be made at the end of the day.

Right measurement and visualization saves energy

Typically, 10% of a plant’s electricity is consumed for making compressed air and 40% of its natural gas is used for raising steam. Measuring “W.A.G.E.S.” is the foundation for any energy management plan. Energy management consists of measuring and collecting this data and analyzing the data for reporting. Based on the findings, appropriate actions can be taken in order to reduce utility consumption and costs.

The value for you

  • Reliable and fast engineering

  • One supplier for all liquid, gas and steam measuring points

  • Local sales and service support

Increase your competitive advantage

Utility costs in the steelmaking industry are equal to more than 3% of a plant’s revenue in the United States, and more than 6% of revenue in Europe. By reducing utility costs, a company can add money back to their bottom line which allows for more money to be invested back into – process improvements yielding competitive advantages.

Measuring points

  • Prowirl 73 on steam pipe for steam volume measuring. ©Endress+Hauser

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