Keep your plant available with minimum effort.

Heartbeat Technology - Taking the pulse of your measurement

The cutting-edge process automation technology ensures manufacturing companies can increase the efficiency of their production plants, safeguard the product quality, and reduce maintenance and overall lifecycle costs. Furthermore, the digital interconnectivity through “Industry 4.0” is gaining significance within process automation. In this seminar you will find out how our experts will support you to increase efficiency with our reliable instruments, innovation technology and services.



  • Heartbeat Diagnostic

    Greatly reduced risk of failure

  • Heartbeat Verification:

    Clarity and evidence without process interruption

  • Heartbeat Monitoring

    of process-related parameters


  • Update your knowledge of latest solutions instrumentation and network with experienced peers

Who should attend?

  • This event is essential for anyone with a responsibility for the process
    safety of plant such as: Electrical, Chemical & Instrumentation Engineers, Process Control Specialists, Plant Managers, Control System Integrators/DCS Engineers