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Coriolis Master Meter for In-Situ MFM Verification

Performance verification test of the MFM unit installed on board Singapore bunker tanker.

An internal test for performance verification of the MFM installed on board bunker tanker was recently conducted with Endress+Hauser Coriolis Master Meter. This Master Meter will be used for future verification/proving of mass flow meters (MFMs) as reported by The Manifold Times.

The performance verification flow test, designed to identify and address the potential drift of MFM units, will reinforce the traceability and integrity of such systems used by Singapore’s MFM-equipped bunker tankers for fuel custody transfer. According to Manifold Times, the test was witnessed by representatives from PJSC Lukoil who were in the Republic to learn about the use of MFMs for bunkering and the MFM verification maintenance program.

The importance of MFM verification

Mr. Sergey Tyubekin and Mr. Andrey Kurochkin, both Chiefs at the Department of Metrology and Standardization of PJSC Lukoil, in a joint statement explained the importance of MFM verification. “Meter Verification or Meter Proving of MFMs allow the measurement errors to be detected and eliminated or reduced to acceptable values”.

Advantages of using Coriolis MFM as Master Meter

Mr. Tyubekin and Mr. Kurochkin further elaborated on the advantages of using a MFM master meter for verification over other technologies such as the reference piston prover system, which is currently used in Russia for verification of its MFMs.

“One of the advantages that the mass flow master meter has over the piston prover is, its smaller dimensions. Because of this, it is easier to move between objects of verification,” they said.

Verification Process

"Verification process using MFM master meters are also faster, the units are cheaper to acquire when compared to piston provers, and the technology offers the possibility to compensate for viscosity effect. At the same time, using an MFM master meter allows proving under real operating conditions with the actual oil product. Coriolis-based MFMs also encounter minimal wear and tear due to the lack of mechanical moving parts when compared with the piston prover” they explained.

coriolis master meter Credit from Manifold Times