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Wireless remote access via SmartBlue app

from Endress+Hauser

Over the past 5 years, we have begun to add Bluetooth into the new design of our process instruments. With this, we enabled the ease of using “smart phones” to access process instruments via our SmartBlue app

Comfortable and secure access to your devices

The use of Bluetooth technology traced it roots back to the collaboration of IBM and Ericsson to give the world the first consumer Bluetooth devices – notebooks and mobile phones in 2001. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluetooth) For the past 20 years, this short range wireless technology have made its way into our daily life – be it our mobile phones, speakers, tablets and headsets

Improvement in process industries

Process industries normally would adopt changes that improve the production yield, reduce hazardous operating conditions, reduce operating costs or prevent damage to the environment. The use of Bluetooth technology can contribute to the overall efforts of these key performance indicators.

Wireless remote access via SmartBlue app

This is to drive open the propriety aspect of firmware/commissioning tools so that a more open platform can be used. Your onsite “smart” phone can now be used to program and trouble-shoot the instrument like pressure devices, temperature transmitters and electronic flowmeters (to name a few types).

Access data with smart phone

For example, in radar level indication instruments, radar reflection curves with fault conditions can be collected and sent out in a timely manner. This allow us to remotely analyze the situation and possibly provide advise on how to resolve the issue at hand.

Available devices with SmartBlue are:

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smartblue app curve data ©Endress+Hauser
smartblue app phone ©Endress+Hauser